MCIM Updates December 2022

December 31, 2022
  • Assessment Due Date logic updated
  • Last Child Started Date now stamped to Site Template for each Site and available in Report Types for analytics purposes.
  • New Package field added to allow flagging of Change Request Status to help monitor and expedite the approval process.
  • A new package field, Track Changes, has been added to allow flagging of change request status to help monitor and expedite the approval process.
  • Added Override in Existing Monitors button to allow users to overwrite existing data and reduce clicks and keystrokes.
  • A new packaging field, Site commissioning Date, has been added to the site page for utilization with analytics and reporting.
  • Bulk Assign added for Work Schedule User Groups.
  • When editing a new or existing Asset Group, users are notified if an asset is already present in another group and verify if it is to be shifted from the old group into the new group.
  • Other minor bugs and edits resolved.

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