MCIM Updates September 2022

September 30, 2022
  • Pushing (or not pushing) adjustments from a Global Assessment Template to open Site Schedules is easier, users can now Select All / Deselect All Assessments for faster schedule management.
  • A new Datetime Monitory Type is now available when configuring Questions for an Assessment. This allows users to quickly select a date/time using the calendar feature.
  • During the assessment deployment process, users now have the additional option to leverage a table view to filter and multi-select sites to receive Assessments. Locating sites by name, abbreviation, or region makes deployment faster than ever!
  • Within the Monitors Readings Component on an Asset record page, the New button can now be hidden or removed for different Users Roles, directing Users to pick from pre-existing monitors in the Manage Monitoring page.
  • Digital Execution now contains quick-close functionality to allow Users who completed a paper copy of the Change Request to quickly and easily complete the record within MCIM.
  • Users editing a Bill of Work can now Select All or Deselect All when making changes to the Models assigned to the Maintenance.
  • While logging Rounds, numeric Asset Monitors that have the Capacity populated will now display a toggle option to permit Users to enter a Percentage instead of the numeric value of the Metric Type (if desired). This value is converted to the Metric Type on the backend, which will be made visible in reporting and is present under the Asset Monitor History.
  • Values input over the Capacity will cause the percentage bar to turn red.
  • New icon added to allow users to edit saved monitor readings while logging rounds.
  • When a work order is auto-generated due to out-of-range or bad values logged during Rounds, Users now have the ability to update the Priority field on the Work Order.
  • Time cards created while closing work orders in bulk can now auto-generate the Start Date/Time based on the time spent field, working backwards from the end date/time.
  • Users can now permit the auto-check of the Work Steps within the Maintenance Checklists of Work Orders during the bulk close process when the Completed status is selected.
  • Creating a new Work Schedule can now compare the new proposed schedule with existing active Work Schedules that contain the same Asset(s) and Work with overlapping dates. Users can select whether to Keep, End, or both for new and existing schedules.
  • New filters are now available under the column headers of the Work Template library to help users locate work templates more quickly.
  • Other minor bugs and edits resolved.

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