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MCIM is a powerful software that combines operational workflows, business intelligence, and digitized processes to unlock stranded value in critical systems. With MCIM, facility technicians can easily access actionable insights. This software is deployed worldwide through, which provides top-notch security and APIs.
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How We Started

Michael Dongieux, the founder of MCIM, experienced firsthand the inefficiencies of facility maintenance procedures while working at a Fortune 50 financial institution over a decade ago. He observed the issues that arose from disconnected data exports and imports between systems, paper-based rounds, and inaccessible asset history documentation. These problems led to delays, human error, and inaccurate, incomplete, and outdated data concerning the company’s assets.

Determined to find a solution, Michael created MCIM. This platform balances ease-of-use with structure, providing a comprehensive product that captures and makes sense of data. By unifying multiple systems into one pane-of-glass, MCIM offers real-time insight into a company’s entire portfolio.

The power of MCIM comes from its database interconnections. This holistic approach enables previously siloed data to form a single operating system, providing deep and actionable insights that arise automatically. By tracking both critical assets and incidents, the platform produces reliable asset information without the need for tedious and slow compilation and curation. This results in immediate business intelligence, allowing management to make fact-based decisions.

MCIM enables data centers and critical facilities to focus on reducing administrative time, providing best-in-class analytics and reports to keep them informed about where they stand and where they need to be.

Our Story

Our Story

MCIM began with a commission from a global Fortune 100 financial institution to create a cloud computing solution to centralize, standardize and automate the management of their global critical facilities. The MCIM team took the lessons learned in that effort, and developed the MCIM platform of tools.
Our Vision

Our Vision

The world is rapidly evolving into ‘smart’ facilities that will rely on unified and accurate data to keep the pace with the innovation they support. Our software is at the heart of quality facilities innovation because we understand people play a critical role in data integrity, operations management, and business intelligence.
Our Technology

Our Technology

MCIM provides valuable insights to your organization from technician to CEO. Balancing usability and sophistication, the platform not only captures clean data but makes sense of it and capitalizes on it.


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Our Milestones


Company Founded, MCIM SaaS begins Development

MCIM Launches


Permit to Work

QuantumView Analytics, Digital Rounds, Failure Tags


Receives InfoSec “Exemplary Rating”

Risk and Assessment, CMMS+


Digital Procedure and Floorplans, Onsite Audit Service

Spare Parts, MCIMSync Benchmarking, Embedded LMS


Resurgens Technology Partners investment

Generative AI, Field Service Builder, Regional Compliance Libraries, Reliability Benchmarking, and more


“A forward thinking company, they consistently collaborate on the latest and greatest options for making our information work for us.”

— Missylyn Crowell
Senior Data Analyst, CBRE Critical Facilities