MCIM’s Static UPS System reliability benchmarking report is LIVE! How do your assets measure up?

Reliability Benchmarking

MCIM’s Reliability Benchmarking provides the first and only comparative dataset for infrastructure and critical asset performance. Now, your team can quantify how each of your assets perform relative to your peers and the industry. With data available on more than 400 asset classes, MCIM provides an unmatched operational perspective.

What you gain with MCIM Reliability Benchmarking


Accelerate Decision Making

Prevent Human Error

Digitize Capital Planning

Case Studies: Using MCIM to identify and preempt systemic battery failures

Explore our MCIM case studies to discover real-world success stories that highlight the power of our solution in driving operational excellence
Case Study: Preempt Battery Failures
Utilizing MCIM’s EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) and Incident Reporting modules, one client was able to locate and identify systemic UPS failures.
When a client needed a solution to provide actionable insight to inform a tactical approach to preventable incidents caused by human error, MCIM helped, leading to a 32% reduction in preventable human error incidents within three months and a sustained reduction of preventable human error incidents by 84% 18 months after implementing the program.
When a Top-10 global bank was experiencing a high number of IT incidents, they turned to MCIM’s real-time analytics to diagnose causes and develop solutions.