Data Center OS: Assessments

Respond to assessments and audits with confidence and consistency.

Put your data to work for you

MCIM’s ontological approach means all of your data is consistent and connected, so your teams are entering information the same way — the exact way you want it. Connected data means real-time access to reporting and analytics, facility and asset condition indexing, and real data-driven decisions.


Streamlined Quality Control

Minimize your risk of operational issues and ensure a reliable and optimized data center environment with the standardized evaluation of your infrastructure.

Progress and Condition Tracking

Monitor the progress of reporting and the real-time condition of your data center’s entire portfolio to quickly identify trends and improvements, and make informed decisions for maintenance and upgrades.

Exception Tracking and ACI Scoring

Track and manage your infrastructure’s exceptions and deviations from established standards and criticality using ACI (asset condition index) so you can take corrective actions promptly.

Other Key Features

Real-time Reporting and Analytics

Immediate access to up-to-date data across your entire portfolio means always being in the know.

Customizable Assessment Templates

Ensure teams are collecting the information you need the right way and the same way every time.

FCI and ACI to feed into capital planning

See the real-time condition and costs for your facilities and assets to make informed capital decisions.

MCIM ID’s and corrects a 65% error rate for critical asset management

MCIM was the best choice when an operating Tier III data center needed an asset management system to monitor and maintain all assets through the use of clean data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can MCIM's Assessments be customized for specific regulatory standards relevant to our data center?

Yes, MCIM allows you to create customized assessment templates that align with the specific regulatory requirements applicable to your data center.

Is data from assessments integrated with other MCIM modules?

Yes, data from the Assessments module is seamlessly integrated with other MCIM modules, facilitating a comprehensive and interconnected asset management system.

Can we track historical assessment data for trend analysis?

Absolutely, MCIM’s Assessments module allows you to track historical assessment data, enabling trend analysis, performance evaluation, and decision-making based on past assessments.

Does MCIM's Assessments module provide real-time reporting for audits?

Yes, MCIM offers real-time reporting, ensuring that you can generate up-to-date reports for audits and regulatory compliance whenever needed.