Data Center OS: Rounds Monitoring

Practical tools that can instantly collect and share data and unlock its power. Integrate with automated feeds from DCIM, building management systems (BMS), Building Automation Systems (BAS), and more.

Virtually eliminate human error

Teams collaborate in real-time thanks to practical tools that allow for instant data collection and sharing. Structured data entry and validation means less human error and more insightful analytics and insights on your portfolio’s performance and trends.


User Error Prevention

MCIM minimizes the risk of human errors by providing structured data entry and validation during rounds, ensuring accuracy in data recording.

Anomaly Detection and Automated Response

MCIM’s system intelligence enables the detection of anomalies in asset performance, triggering automated responses or alerts for prompt action.

Strategic Insights in Real-Time

Real-time asset performance trending empowers executives and operators with strategic insights for proactive maintenance and upgrades.

Other Key Features

Practical Data Collection and Sharing

MCIM provides practical tools for instant data collection and sharing, allowing facility managers to efficiently gather relevant information during rounds.

Intelligent Analytics and Insights

Generates insightful analytics on asset life-cycle, manufacturers, and failure analysis.

Cost Savings and Benchmarking

MCIM’s data-driven approach leads to benchmarked reporting, showcasing cost savings and operational improvements, particularly evident in facility maintenance rounds.

Reducing human error incidents by 84% in 18 months

When a client needed a solution to provide actionable insight to inform a tactical approach to preventable incidents caused by human error, MCIM helped, leading to a 32% reduction in preventable human error incidents within three months and a sustained reduction of preventable human error incidents by 84% 18 months after implementing the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does MCIM ensure data accuracy during rounds?

MCIM’s structured data entry and validation protocols mitigate data inaccuracies, enhancing the reliability of insights.

How does MCIM detect anomalies in asset performance?

MCIM’s intelligent algorithms analyze real-time data, comparing it to historical patterns to identify anomalies and trigger automated alerts.

How does MCIM contribute to cost savings in our data center's asset management?

MCIM’s refined insights optimize maintenance schedules, mitigate downtime risks, and drive operational efficiencies, yielding substantial cost savings.

What are the benefits of benchmarked reporting in rounds management?

Benchmarking allows facility managers to measure performance improvements, track cost savings, and make data-driven decisions for optimal efficiency.