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Critical and Preventative Maintenance

Go beyond traditional CMMS with digital end-to-end workflows and compliance reporting. Be up to date and audit ready.

Digitize Workflows to Lower Risks

Get off of clipboards and spreadsheets and take MCIM wherever your facilities are. Global version control over SOPs, MOPs and EOPs ensures everyone is on the same page and end-to-end workflow digitization means accurate and efficient work. All of this leads to early detection of risks and preventative maintenance to ensure your operations stay up.


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Standardized Procedures Library with Version Control

Digitize and centralize your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Methods of Procedures (MOPs), and Emergency Operating Procedures (EOPs) with version control globally or locally, guaranteeing accuracy and consistency.

Real-Time Maintenance Compliance Automation

MCIM enables the automation of critical maintenance tasks in real-time, improving operational efficiency and reducing the likelihood of human errors.
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End-to-End Workflow Digitization

MCIM facilitates the complete digitization of maintenance workflows, enhancing accuracy and efficiency throughout the process.

Other Key Features

Execute Critical Maintenance Digitally

No more clipboards or spreadsheets – perform essential maintenance tasks digitally, even on tablets and phones.

Proactive Preparedness

Early, systematic actions to prevent critical issues through maintenance planning and monitoring.

Audit and Compliance Reporting Readiness

With MCIM, compliance reporting becomes seamless and real-time, minimizing risks and ensuring adherence to industry standards and regulations.

How a Global Bank reduced IT incidents by 70% with MCIM

When a Top-10 global bank was experiencing a high number of IT incidents, they turned to MCIM’s real-time analytics to diagnose causes and develop solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is MCIM just another CMMS solution?

No, MCIM is a more comprehensive solution than traditional CMMS solutions. It offers a wider range of features and functionality, and is designed for use in mission-critical environments.

How does MCIM enhance compliance in data centers?

MCIM’s real-time automation and digital workflows ensure that maintenance activities are executed in accordance with compliance standards, minimizing risks and facilitating prompt reporting.

Can MCIM help prevent downtime in data centers?

Yes, MCIM’s proactive preparedness and streamlined processes help minimize downtime by ensuring timely maintenance and efficient responses to potential issues.

What is the significance of MCIM's standardized library with version control?

MCIM’s standardized library ensures that all procedures are uniformly documented and up-to-date, while version control tracks changes, contributing to accuracy and consistency.

How does MCIM contribute to audit readiness?

MCIM’s digital documentation and automation capabilities simplify audit preparations, making it easier to provide necessary information and demonstrate compliance during audits.