MCIM’s Static UPS System reliability benchmarking report is LIVE! How do your assets measure up?


Clean, curated, and connected data enables real-time insights across your entire portfolio

MCIM: The Data Center Operating System

MCIM – The Data Center Operating System (DCOS) is a platform that simplifies the complexities of managing a data center by bringing all functions and locations under one intuitive dashboard. Powered by clean, curated, connected data, MCIM DCOS offers a secure and unified solution that grants decision-makers immediate access to vital insights and real-time information.

Make smarter and efficient capital planning and operational choices with the unparalleled convenience and capability of MCIM.

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of the world’s top colocation and hyperscale providers

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facilities across 94 countries on all 7 continents

Asset screen

Enterprise Asset Management

Proactively plan and manage your entire portfolio and be a step ahead of your data center operations and critical decisions.

Incidents and Near Misses

Gain valuable insights and tools to proactively address maintenance needs and make informed decisions on asset replacement and optimization.
Dashboard BI
Log assessment screen


Respond to assessments and audits with confidence and consistency.

Critical and Preventative Maintenance

Digitize end-to-end workflows and compliance reporting.
Maintenance Compliance Report
Monitor Readings
Rounds Monitoring

Rounds Monitoring

Practical tools that can instantly collect and share data and unlock its power.

The MCIM Way vs traditional systems





Facility Work Orders and Spare Parts

Configurable Workflow and Approval Engine

MEPF Equipment Lifecycle Management

Audit Compliance Tracking

Equipment Performance Monitoring

Equipment Dependency Mapping

Incidents with MEPF Equipment Failure Modes

Digital Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Management Oriented Processes (MOPs), Switching Tags

Digital Rounds and Inspections

Native Data Visualizations with AI

Onboard Industry and Peer Benchmarking

CASE STUDIES: Unlocking Operational Success and Excellence

Explore our MCIM case studies to discover real-world success stories that highlight the power of our solution in driving operational excellence
Case Study: Preempt Battery Failures
Utilizing MCIM’s EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) and Incident Reporting modules, one client was able to locate and identify systemic UPS failures.
When a client needed a solution to provide actionable insight to inform a tactical approach to preventable incidents caused by human error, MCIM helped, leading to a 32% reduction in preventable human error incidents within three months and a sustained reduction of preventable human error incidents by 84% 18 months after implementing the program.
When a Top-10 global bank was experiencing a high number of IT incidents, they turned to MCIM’s real-time analytics to diagnose causes and develop solutions.