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Case Studies

Learn how well MCIM works for a wide range of organizations, from data centers to 8 out of the 10 largest banks in the world. Then contact us today for a platform demo and let us help you in your journey to improve Mission Critical Information Management. MCIM is the Data Center Operating System.
When a client needed a solution to provide actionable insight to inform a tactical approach to preventable incidents caused by
When a Top-10 global bank was experiencing a high number of IT incidents, they turned to MCIM’s real-time analytics to
tech maintenance
By digitizing their data collection and analysis with MCIM, the company was able to save more than $1 million annually.
techs discussing
One client was able to save more than $1 million annually by using MCIM’s automated data aggregation and transformation features.
asset management
MCIM was the best choice when an operating Tier III data center needed an asset management system to monitor and