MCIM’s Static UPS System reliability benchmarking report is LIVE! How do your assets measure up?

ID and correct a 65% error rate for critical asset management

The Challenge

An operating Tier III data center needed an asset management system to monitor and maintain all assets through the use of clean data. The company’s previous asset management solution was not providing accurate, real-time updates on their more than 2,800 critical infrastructure assets, creating inconsistent maintenance and an increased risk of downtime.

The Solution

The company chose MCIM (Mission Critical Information Management) by Fulcrum Collaborations to provide a unified and aligned view to meet their various requirements.

Full Asset Audit

During the onboarding process, MCIM provided an in-person audit of the data center’s assets and a cleanup of existing data to ensure one single source of truth for the company to observe their assets and ensure accuracy in reporting and audits.

Mapping and Benchmarking - MCIM

Verified all company assets and mapped them to MCIM’s library of industry standardized makes and models, allowing benchmark reporting on the quality and life of all assets.

Connected Global SOP/MOPs To Assets - MCIM

Worked with the company to ensure the continued accuracy of data by connecting SOP/MOPs to appropriate assets.

The Results

0 %
of all assets were found to have incorrect data or were absent from all records.

More than 740 assets were identified and added to MCIM during the audit, including:

191 RPPs – 61 Breakers – 10 ASTs – 38 STS – 34 Generators – 12 Transformers – 29 UPS – 2 Chillers – 74 CRAHS – 4 Load Banks – 54 VFDs

Latest studies show core data centers experience an average of 2.4 total facility shutdowns a year with an average duration of 138 minutes – losing as much as $5.6 million a year.*

*Ponemon Institute. (2016) Cost of Data Center Outages, (2021) Data Center Downtime at the Core and the Edge.

The Conclusion

To accurately monitor and maintain critical assets and ensure uptime, companies need an easy-to-use system for entering and tracking all assets and providing clean, accurate, real-time data and reports.

Through working with MCIM, the company was able to correct data errors for 1,700 of their more than 2,800 assets and identify more than 750 new assets that were previously unaccounted for, providing a clean system of more than 3,700 assets mapped to the data center’s architectural plan drawings.

MCIM knows that reporting is only as good as the data that backs it up. That’s why we provide all clients with clean data on day one and the tools necessary to keep that data clean and up-to-date with a system that is easy to use for facility technicians yet structured enough to provide actionable insight.