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Immediate facility maintenance savings with MCIM

The Challenge

A Top-5 Telecom company performed rounds in their facilities using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets on tablets. This method was labor-intensive, provided management minimal reporting visibility, and any anomalies depended on the operator’s discretion instead of following company-wide standards.

The Solution

MCIM (Mission Critical Information Management) by Fulcrum Collaborations worked with the company to implement the Rounds module and achieve full adoption within 24 hours.

The Results

$ 0
saved annually per site

Rounds: Before-After Comparison

Logging Rounds

Typical Way

  • Performed laboriously via clipboard and Excel spreadsheet
  • Lack of validation of entered values with historical data allows typos to corrupt data integrity
  • Inability to “recertify” previously entered values
  • Cannot access systems in low / no wi-fi zones
  • Mobile devices are “not useful” in the field
  • Data from automated platforms are presently stranded
  • Unable to see the complete picture

The MCIM Way

  • Rounds are performed digitally with automatic data validation based on the unique history of individual assets
  • Ability to “recertify” previously entered values for efficiency and improved data standardization
  • Capture rounds via desktop, laptop, tablets, and phones utilizing Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Windows mobile, and other platforms
  • Full offline capability for areas without wi-fi or cellular signal
  • Ability to ingest data from monitoring platforms, ensuring no data is left stranded
  • Presents a holistic performance monitoring picture

Reviewing Rounds

Typical Way

  • Requires manual and labor-intensive review of paper or excel files to identify anomalies
  • Management inhibited by lack of automatic surfacing of anomalous values 
  • No ability to take automated actions (e.g., generation of problem ticket/work order/incident report) from values captured through automated means
  • Follow-up actions must be initiated and managed manually

The MCIM Way

  • Anomalous values (aka: out of specification readings) automatically surfaced based on configurable thresholds and settings
  • Configurable follow-up actions initiated automatically (e.g., generation of problem ticket/work order, email alerts, generation of incident report)
  • Data linked to the relevant asset
  • Natively manage through workflow to completion

Rounds Reporting

Typical Way

  • Regular data cleansing, compilation, and roll-up from multiple sources (e.g., clipboards, spreadsheets, SharePoint, BMS)
  • Labor-intensive effort to identify trending, even for a single site
  • More significant labor is required to see trends across the portfolio

The MCIM Way

  • Data is already clean and compiled for individual sites and across the entire portfolio 
  • Rounds data (including integrated feeds) automatically collected into relevant reports and dashboards
  • Real-time access to value-added analytics specific to individual sites and assets
  • Benchmarking across the entire portfolio

The Conclusion

The company saw an immediate impact and gained new insights including:

  • Additional $24,000 per year in savings through condition-based maintenance
  • Immediate view of anomalies and remediation
  • Revealed disjointed practices, allowing application of global standard operating procedures (SOP), method of procedure (MOP), and emergency operating procedures (EOP)