Saving more than $1 million a year digitizing with MCIM

The Challenge

Each month, the client spent many hours collecting data in ad hoc formats, combining facilities and asset data from disjointed silos, manipulating and cleaning the data, and assembling the data into compliance reports and dashboards for consumption by management. As a result, time-to-insight was slow, and management didn’t fully trust reporting due to poor data quality.

The Solution

Implementing the full MCIM by Fulcrum Collaborations suite, the client eliminated disjointed silos for information gathering, standardizing procedures, and speeding up data collection. By mitigating human error at the field capture stage, leadership utilized MCIM’s automated data aggregation and transformation features to observe roll-up analytics from across the organization dynamically and in real-time.

The Results

$ 0
total savings over 5 years

“JAWS ON THE FLOOR. Not a question in the room about the value of MCIM.”

Manager, Data Center Operations
Fortune 500 Financial Services Compan