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Calendar-Based vs. Prescriptive Maintenance: A Benchmarking Perspective

February 12, 2024
Calendar-Based vs. Prescriptive Maintenance: A Benchmarking Perspective

Maintenance strategies in data center management are crucial for ensuring reliability and efficiency. Traditionally, calendar-based maintenance has been the norm. But, as data analytics evolves, a more advanced approach, prescriptive maintenance, is becoming increasingly important. 

Calendar-Based Maintenance: The Conventional Approach

Calendar-based maintenance involves performing maintenance at regular intervals, regardless of the equipment’s condition. This method is simple and easy to use. However, it can lead to excessive or insufficient maintenance. This, in turn, affects both cost and reliability.

Prescriptive Maintenance: The Data-Driven Approach

Prescriptive maintenance, also called predictive maintenance, uses data analysis to assess equipment condition and recommend maintenance tasks. By utilizing live data and predictive analysis, operators can schedule maintenance when needed, preventing downtime and increasing equipment lifespan.

Benchmarking in Maintenance Program Strategies

Benchmarking plays a pivotal role in both calendar-based and prescriptive maintenance approaches. By comparing operational and asset reliability data against industry benchmarks, data centers can determine the most efficient maintenance strategy for their specific needs. Benchmarking helps data centers decide between calendar-based or prescriptive maintenance by giving insights on equipment performance and reliability.

The Shift to Prescriptive Maintenance

The shift from calendar-based to prescriptive maintenance is not without its challenges. To predict equipment failure accurately, you need a robust data system. This system should have clean, organized, and linked data. Additionally, it should have the capability to analyze large data sets.

However, the benefits are clear:

  • reduced costs
  • improved uptime
  • enhanced equipment reliability

Integrating Benchmarking with Prescriptive Maintenance

Combining benchmarking and prescriptive maintenance helps data centers know when to do maintenance and compare their practices with industry leaders. This comparison can reveal opportunities for optimization and underscore the effectiveness of the prescriptive approach.

MCIM’s Reliability Benchmarking Solution: Enhancing Maintenance Strategies

MCIM’s Reliability Benchmarking provides an innovative solution to enhance maintenance strategies. Global industry benchmarking offers data center owners and operators a comprehensive set of data, benchmarked against internal and external peers as well as industry standards, to inform their maintenance decisions. MCIM’s Reliability Benchmarking enables data centers to transition smoothly to prescriptive maintenance, ensuring they optimize their maintenance schedules for both performance and cost.

The debate between prescriptive and calendar-based maintenance is best informed through a thorough understanding of benchmarking data. Data centers with the right data can make smart decisions to improve efficiency as the industry adopts advanced maintenance strategies. MCIM leads the way by offering a data-rich platform for data centers wanting to make truly data-driven decisions. 

By leveraging the power of MCIM’s Reliability Benchmarking, data centers can ensure they are maintaining their infrastructure not just by the calendar but by the condition, optimizing their operations for the A.I. age. To see how MCIM can transform your maintenance strategy, schedule a demo to see the future of data center maintenance today.

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