Get clean facility management data and insights with MCIM

November 28, 2022

In facility management, clean data is key. Your team needs to be able to efficiently enter accurate data to generate actionable insights that impact the bottom line. That’s why MCIM has been built since day one to focus on ensuring only clean data is input into your system, generating the most impactful insights for managing your facilities and assets.

But what about old data crammed and shoehorned into siloed third-party systems?

This is where our unique data transformation process comes in, enabling our team to comb through years’ worth of text data to give you a fresh start with MCIM.

In facility management, clean data is key. That’s why MCIM is here to help.

Once our analysts have completed their review, you can immediately see intelligent analytics and insight into your past performance and operations. Produce detailed reports on everything from asset life-cycle to the manufacturer of specific parts that failed before typical manufacturing standards and more.

Case Study: Achieving immediate results and savings conducting facility maintenance rounds with MCIM

It is through this meticulous process, one of many our operators can perform for you as needed, that MCIM can produce the most robust and benchmarked reporting available.

You are not alone in the fight against siloed systems. With millions invested in infrastructure and equipment, MCIM’s complete operating platform can help your company:

  • track and report on a granular level the root-cause analysis of failure
  • generate predictive maintenance work orders to get ahead of failures
  • determine the optimal up-time when systems are performing at their peak
  • and so much more

MCIM is the first purpose-built solution that interconnects asset management, incident reporting, change management, rounds, and assessments all into one powerful yet easy-to-use solution so your facility management team can be more accurate and efficient.

Clean data transforms business – and saves you time and money! Request an MCIM demo today and see how we can help you alleviate the frustration of system integrations and untrustworthy reporting.

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