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Data Center Resiliency: A Competitive Advantage in the Modern Landscape

March 21, 2024

As data center operations grow increasingly complex, the focus on data center resiliency has never been greater. The newest Uptime Institute survey shows that more executives are worried about IT service outages. Almost 40% of operators say senior management is more concerned about this issue.

Navigating the New Landscape of Data Center Resiliency
Source: Uptime Institute March 2024

While the industry has witnessed a slight ebb in serious outages, the margin for error remains razor-thin. Andy Lawrence, from Uptime Institute, says that even though outages are less common, the impact of service interruptions is getting worse. This means we need to be more careful and prepared to prevent outages.

Human Factors in the Spotlight

Human error looms large as a significant contributor to data center disruptions. Failures in following procedures and process errors constitute the leading causes of human-related outages. This revelation pivots the conversation towards the criticality of clean data, centralized visibility, digitized processes, and the ease of operational management.

Charting a Path Forward in Data Center Resiliency with MCIM

In this landscape of heightened sensitivity to downtime, the clarity and reliability of operational data become paramount. MCIM stands out by ensuring that data center professionals have access to accurate, unified, consistent, complete, contextual, normalized, and real-time data sets. This “clean“ data is the bedrock of sound decision-making; it is pivotal in diagnosing potential issues and averting costly outages. The MCIM platform elevates data integrity, ensuring that when operators act, they do so with confidence rooted in data they can trust.

Beyond this foundational emphasis on data quality, MCIM brings a suite of additional advantages to mission-critical owners and operators:

  • Benchmarking for Excellence: MCIM’s benchmarking capabilities align with Uptime Institute’s research, offering a comparative analysis of performance metrics across similar infrastructure and facilities. This understanding helps data center operators determine their resilience and make necessary adjustments to prevent outages. This ensures that their operations run smoothly.
  • Predictive Maintenance: Anticipate and prevent failures before they arise, thanks to MCIM’s robust infrastructure asset analytics. This approach not only spares the operational interruptions but also optimizes maintenance cycles, saving time and resources.
  • Operational Streamlining: MCIM’s centralized system offers a single-pane-of-glass view of operations, simplifying the complexity brought on by system proliferation. It eliminates the risks associated with managing multiple apps and login points, hence reducing human error and driving down associated costs.
  • Strategic Capital Planning: With MCIM, capitalize on in-depth insights for informed investment in infrastructure, ensuring that capital expenditure drives value and growth.

As Lawrence explains, it is not possible to eliminate outages. However, operators have access to tools that can help decrease the likelihood of outages occurring. MCIM is such a tool—not just a means to an end but a comprehensive partner in the continuous journey toward resilient, efficient data center operations.

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