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DCD Virginia: Balancing operational risk with tech innovation

October 17, 2023
DCD VA 2023

DCD Connect | Virginia / Lansdowne Resort & Spa

November 7, 2023 at 11:30 a.m.

To operate a data center efficiently, you need the right data at the right time, to inform smart decision making. With expanding data center footprints and increasingly hybrid infrastructure however, ensuring accurate and actionable insight becomes a challenge. With technology innovation also introducing more potential risk – how do we strike the balance?

How can operators utilize the tools and technology available to go from data > actionable insight and detect problems before they emerge? What role will standardization play, and will it ever be possible to effectively eliminate human risk?

  • Uncover reliable decision-making: ensure high-quality, reliable analytics that inform decision making
  • Boost operational efficiency: streamline asset-management, drive more proactive maintenance and extend product lifecycles
  • Mitigate operational risk: Equip yourself with the information to reduce vulnerability and detect issues before they become problems

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