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MCIM and Your CMMS Integration

July 12, 2018

This week we wanted to address one of the most common concerns the MCIM team faces in pre-implementation discussions with new clients. That is correct – today, you’ll read just a quick note of some of the high-level discussions we have inside our Richmond, VA home offices!

We certainly pride ourselves on our ability to conduct expeditious, painless, and quite frankly comfortable implementations. Often, clients want to keep their current CMMS and wonder what effect MCIM will have on legacy systems. Especially when they have been custom-developed with countless hours of personal employee time invested in getting up and running.

While MCIM has the depth to handle all your critical facilities needs and can start you off with a clean-data-slate, we have also developed third-party and custom system integrations to help ensure a smooth transition, simple ease-of-use, and non-duplicative work efforts.

Playing well with others allows MCIM to be an excellent complement to your current systems, making the adoption process simple and the timeline for use shorter.

You can learn more about how MCIM can complement (or replace) your current CMMS, DCIM, enterprise asset management system, facilities management system, or more with a personal demo. Let MCIM by Fulcrum Collaborations help transform your business!

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