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How MCIM Revolutionized Asset Management for a Tier III Data Center

April 12, 2024
asset management

A solid asset management systems is crucial for ensuring operational continuity and minimizing downtime. But what if your asset management system falls short in managing your assets? Or, worse, what if it’s not even covering all of your critical assets? This was vividly demonstrated when a Tier III data center, grappling with inaccurate asset management data, turned to MCIM by Fulcrum Collaborations for a transformative solution.

The Challenge

The data center had difficulty managing its 2,800 assets. Its old asset management system did not provide accurate updates or real-time insights. This resulted in inconsistent maintenance schedules and an increased risk of system failures. Further more, much critical information was either incorrect or missing, creating a situation where operational efficiency was severely compromised.

The MCIM Asset Management Solution

The data center chose MCIM for its robust capability to manage and maintain critical asset data with precision. The solution began with a comprehensive on-site audit of the data center’s assets, during which MCIM’s team performed a detailed cleanup of existing data into the platform to establish a single source of truth.

This meticulous process not only corrected 58% of existing assets previously logged with bad data, but also uncovered 25% more assets previously unaccounted for.

In all, MCIM discovered an astounding 65% of all assets had incorrect data or were completely absent from all records.

MCIM’s approach included mapping all assets against its extensive library of industry-standardized makes and models, which enabled effective benchmark reporting on the lifespan and quality of each asset. Furthermore, MCIM connected global Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Methods of Procedures (MOPs) to the appropriate assets to ensure the ongoing accuracy of data.

Impactful Results

The audit and implementation of MCIM’s solution had profound and immediate effects:

  • Data Accuracy: Corrected data for more than 1,700 of the nearly 3,000 existing assets.
  • Asset Identification: Identified over 740 new assets during the audit, increasing the total managed assets to more than 3,700.
  • Comprehensive Mapping: Achieved 100% mapping of assets to standardized industry models for consistent benchmark analysis.

Among the newly identified assets were 191 Remote Power Panels (RPPs), 61 Breakers, and 34 Generators, each critical to the data center’s operations. The accurate, real-time data provided by MCIM allowed the data center to drastically reduce the risk of downtime and optimize maintenance processes.

The Bottom Line

The data center’s transition to MCIM’s asset management solution underscores a vital industry lesson: accurate and reliable data is foundational to operational success. Before the integration of MCIM, the data center was potentially exposed to significant financial losses, estimated at up to $5.6 million annually due to system downtimes. Post-MCIM, the facility not only enhanced its operational efficiency but also fortified its infrastructure against unexpected failures.


MCIM’s ability to deliver a clean, accurate, and user-friendly asset management system demonstrates its value as a critical tool in the arsenal of any organization looking to optimize its operations through better data management. For Tier III data centers, where uptime is synonymous with customer trust and financial viability, choosing the right asset management solution is not just an operational decision but a strategic one.

MCIM stands out not only for its capability to rectify historical data inaccuracies but also for its foresight in preventing future errors, ensuring that every asset is a known quantity and managed effectively. Leveraging the right technology can turn potential operational disasters into stories of success and efficiency.

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