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Optimizing Shift Strategies: How MCIM Safeguards Uptime

March 4, 2024
shift strategies with MCIM to avoid human error

In the wake of the Uptime Institute’s recent article, “Long shifts in data centers — time to reconsider?” by Rose Weinschenk, the critical conversation around the implications of prolonged shift lengths in data centers has gained renewed focus. Weinschenk’s insightful analysis brings to the forefront the often-overlooked relationship between shift duration, operator fatigue, and the consequential rise in human error within these mission-critical environments.

As the industry considers these findings and other shift strategies, the role of innovative solutions like those offered by MCIM becomes increasingly pertinent. Below, we explore how MCIM’s clean data platform addresses these very challenges by providing a pathway to enhanced safety, efficiency, and well-being for data center personnel — all while simultaneously safeguarding the uninterrupted operation of mission-critical facilities.

Enhanced Procedure Adherence

MCIM’s platform can significantly reduce human error by ensuring that staff follow correct procedures. Through digitized operations and checklists, MCIM guides technicians step-by-step, ensuring that every task is performed accurately and in accordance with established protocols. This methodical approach can be especially crucial during emergencies when a prompt and correct response is vital.

Predictive Maintenance and Analytics

By implementing predictive maintenance strategies, MCIM reduces the need for emergency interventions, which are high-stress situations where human error is more likely. Predictive analytics can foresee equipment failures before they occur, scheduling maintenance at times that minimize operational impact and distribute workloads more evenly among staff.

Data-Driven Insight

Using data from past incidents and near-misses, MCIM can help identify common areas of error or oversight, allowing facility and operations managers to focus on areas where human error is most prevalent. This approach ensures that staff are well-prepared for a variety of scenarios, reducing the likelihood of errors in real-world operations.

Right Information. Right Time.

By streamlining data presentation and alerts, MCIM can reduce cognitive overload among operators. Customizable dashboards and intelligent alert systems ensure that operators receive relevant information when they need it, without being overwhelmed by non-essential data. This clarity can improve decision-making and reduce errors stemming from information overload.

MCIM Reliability Benchmarking In Action helps Shift Strategies - MTBF
Customizable dashboards and intelligent alert systems help reduce information overload.

Comprehensive Reporting and Analysis

MCIM’s robust reporting tools track incidents of non-compliance or error and provide a detailed analysis of contributing factors. These insights can inform policy adjustments, training enhancements, and shifts in operational protocols to address the root causes of human error.

Tackling Shift Strategies with MCIM

When considering shift strategies and looking at the complex relationship between shift length, fatigue, and human error, MCIM offers a multifaceted solution that enhances operational efficiency. By adopting MCIM’s platform, data center owners and operators can tackle many of the challenges identified by the Uptime Institute, minimize fatigue, and use clean, comprehensive, and real-time data to reduce human error and its impact on service availability.

To learn more about how MCIM can help your organization, please contact our team to schedule a demo.

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