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Predictive Risk Management: Lowering Incidents 84% with MCIM

December 13, 2023
With MCIM, one top-tier data center was able to use predictive risk management to slash its critical incidents by 84% in just 18 months.

Data centers face growing risks in today’s increasingly complex environment. Minor oversights can swiftly cascade into significant incidents, resulting in costly downtime, security breaches, regulatory noncompliance, and more. Proactive and predictive risk management is necessary for a data center to thrive.

Creating predictive risk management solutions is nearly impossible for data centers using disparate, siloed systems. It requires a single, clean, real-time source for a data center’s infrastructure maintenance and management data. Data centers using MCIM can gather and use clean, curated, and connected data to make real data-driven decisions.

As the Data Center Operating System, MCIM brings the power of multiple systems, from CMMS and EAM to vendor and work order management, all into one single-source-of-truth. By standardizing and centralizing critical infrastructure maintenance data, MCIM empowers data centers to use clean, curated, and connected data to drive their critical business decisions. It’s why three out of the four top colocation data center companies in the world choose MCIM for their critical asset management.

With MCIM, one top-tier data center was able to slash its critical incidents by 84% in just 18 months. By leveraging MCIM’s real-time asset visibility, predictive analytics, and workflow automation, this organization evolved from reactive firefighting to data-enabled risk resilience. 

The Need for Proactive Risk Mitigation

With uptimes of 99.9999% now commonplace, even brief outages cause severe damage to reputation and finances. However, despite massive investments in redundancy, failures remain inevitable without diligent risk management. 

Proactive and predictive risk management is necessary for a data center to thrive.
Proactive and predictive risk management is necessary for a data center to thrive.

The data center in this case study grappled with escalating preventable incidents caused by human error. These incidents cost the data center time and money and increased the risk of downtime. The status quo was untenable.

Transitioning from reactive response to proactive risk mitigation became an urgent imperative. Partnering with MCIM proved the catalyst for this transformation.     

Leveraging Data to Underpin Risk Strategy 

For data centers seeking risk resilience, clean and connected data is key to making truly data-driven solutions. MCIM’s implementation allowed this data center to adopt a risk management strategy underpinned by real-time data.

By connecting assets to digitized workflows and standard operating procedures (SOPs), MCIM removed disconnects plaguing human-driven processes. Staff gained clear visibility into expectations, while deviation detection enabled rapid corrective interventions.

Beyond driving adherence, MCIM provided real-time analytics to show when and how procedural lapses occurred. With complex data exposing underlying causes, leadership implemented targeted risk reduction measures.

Maximizing Asset Oversight and Predictive Risk Management Through MCIM

As the central nervous system for infrastructure management, MCIM’s capabilities significantly bolstered risk resilience:

  • Instant asset visibility enabled risk monitoring across the entire portfolio. 
  • Early warning of impending equipment failures via predictive maintenance analytics allowed proactive prevention of downtime events.
  • Clean, accurate, and comprehensive asset data and SOPs preempted maintenance oversights and unauthorized infrastructure changes.

These strengths allowed this data center to reach new heights of asset oversight, mitigating risk exposure in real time.

The Impact: A New Standard of Risk Resilience  

By fully leveraging MCIM as its infrastructure management backbone, this data center achieved dramatic results:

  • An 84% decrease in preventable incidents over 18 months.
  • 32% reduction within the first three months, proving immediate and sustained impact. 
  • Strengthened defense against security and compliance-linked catastrophic risks.  
  • A collaborative culture with a shared dedication to proactive risk reduction.

Risk resilience must be a top priority for today’s data centers pursuing world-class reliability. Uniting advanced data analytics with robust process automation through an operating system like MCIM can change your business. Click here to speak to an expert and learn more about the MCIM DCOS solution.

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