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QuantumView-MCIM’s Dynamic Reporting!

May 17, 2018

This week, I thought I would introduce you to a very special feature that our clients take full advantage of within MCIM – we call it, QuantumView!

Quantum View

I imagine it is not surprising to note that many of the reporting engines and features employed by investment banks, technology firms, manufacturing corporations, and even big data analytical teams use some type of external platform. The concept of having to “roll-up” and “feed” data into such platforms more often than not leaves executive teams with at best, basic and primitive reports. At worst, management not only has a report that is difficult to view but also lacks the ability to quickly validate the information in the first place. We consistently see across the board that other reporting systems lack the necessary metrics, and leadership often distrusts the results produced.


In walks MCIM’s QuantumView! There are literally too many positive features to cover all that QuantumView (QV) does, but let’s hit on a few of the most prominent. Single Source Login – you are not required to access a separate system apart from where your data is stored. QV is directly fed from your source data, allowing for complete, instantaneous roll up! QV allows for dynamic filtering – users do not need to constantly build new reports and have numerous stimulating, viewer-friendly options. Once you build a report – these are automatically updated with MCIMs data, nothing to rebuild or re-run.

QV allows for unlimited options to drill into the WHY of the report. As one of our users said, “The metrics provided and the speed at which I can drill into different aspects of my data is astounding.” This reporting engine changes and updates – visually – as you remove or add data parameters, making QuantumView one of the most interactive reporting engines available!

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