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Top-5 Telecom Transforms Facility Maintenance with MCIM, Saving $101,000/yr per Site

March 8, 2024
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A leading telecom company had difficulty with a time-consuming and inefficient rounds and facility maintenance process. They used paper and digital spreadsheets for reporting, which made it hard for management to see what was going on. Operators mostly made decisions on their own instead of following company standards.

In this article, we will discuss how a telecom company overcame challenges by using MCIM Fulcrum Collaborations. This led to big savings and improved facility maintenance practices.

The Challenge: Inefficient and Inconsistent Facility Rounds

The telecom company’s existing method of performing rounds using Excel spreadsheets on tablets posed several challenges:

  1. Labor-intensive process: The manual data entry and lack of automation made the rounds process time-consuming and inefficient.
  2. Minimal reporting visibility: Management needed more access to real-time data and insights, hindering their decision-making.
  3. Inconsistent anomaly detection: Individual operators were responsible for anomaly detection, resulting in inconsistencies in identifying and addressing issues.
  4. Lack of company-wide standards: There were no company-wide standards in place. This made it hard to ensure that everyone followed the same procedures during rounds. As a result, there were issues with data accuracy throughout the organization.

The Solution: Implementing MCIM Rounds Module for Streamlined Operations

To overcome these challenges, the telecom company partnered with Fulcrum Collaborations to implement MCIM and harness the Rounds module. This module was designed to streamline the rounds process, enhance data accuracy, and give management real-time visibility.

The implementation process was seamless, with the company achieving full adoption within 24 hours. The MCIM Rounds module offered a range of benefits over the previous method:

  1. Efficiency: The module removed the need for manual data entry, reducing the time and effort required to perform rounds.
  2. Data validation: Past data was utilized to check entered values, reducing errors and keeping data accurate.
  3. Recertification: The ability to “recertify” previously entered values ensured that the most up-to-date information was always available.
  4. Offline access: The module allowed users to operate systems even in locations with weak or non-existent wi-fi, ensuring that tasks could be performed anywhere.
  5. Mobile-friendly: Mobile devices have become valuable tools in the field, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the rounds process.
  6. Data integration: The module seamlessly integrates data from automated platforms, providing a complete picture of the facility’s performance.

The Results: Significant Savings and Transformative Insights

The implementation of the MCIM Rounds module yielded impressive results for the telecom company:

  • Annual savings of $101,000 per site, demonstrating the immediate financial impact of the solution.
  • Additional $24,000 per year in savings through condition-based maintenance.
  • Streamlined rounds process, removing the labor-intensive and error-prone paper and spreadsheet data entry.
  • Enhanced reporting visibility, providing management real-time data and insights for informed decision-making.
  • Consistently detected anomalies and promptly addressed issues based on company-wide standards.
  • Revealed disjointed practices, allowing the application of global standard operating procedures (SOP), method of procedure (MOP), and emergency operating procedures (EOP).

Conclusion: Embracing MCIM for Efficient and Transformative Facility Maintenance

The successful implementation of the MCIM Rounds module at this Top-5 Telecom company showcases the power of leveraging a comprehensive facility management solution.

The company saved $101,000 per site each year by improving their rounds process.

They achieved this by making data more accurate and providing real-time updates. Additionally, they gained valuable insights to enhance their maintenance practices further. They also learned valuable information to make their maintenance practices even better.

Companies can save money and improve their processes by using MCIM to transition to a standardized, data-driven approach. This allows them to apply global best practices more easily.

Efficient and effective facility maintenance is essential. Using MCIM can help find hidden potential, improve operations, and stay competitive in a changing environment.

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