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Using MCIM to ID and Preempt Systemic UPS Battery Failures

November 20, 2023
Case Study: Preempt Battery Failures

The Challenge of UPS Battery Failures

One of our clients experienced an alarming rate of UPS battery failures in their data center operations. Unfortunately, their efforts to identify and resolve the problem were hindered by a lack of comprehensive data collection. Complicating matters further, the client was dealing with a portfolio size of over 400 battery strings, making it a complex and time-consuming task to pinpoint the root cause of these failures.

The Solution: MCIM

Utilizing MCIM, the Data Center Operating System designed specifically for data center operators, the client was able to address this critical issue. Recognizing the client’s data gaps as the primary obstacle to identifying the problem, we formulated and executed a comprehensive program to update and strengthen their asset records. Thanks to MCIM’s focus on clean, curated, and connected data, the client was able standardize procedures to gather information into a single source-of-truth that provided valuable insights and located the precise source of the UPS battery failures.

The Results: Uncovering Systemic Issues and Preventing Future Failures

UPS Battery Failure Analysis
Utilizing Tableau, MCIM provides real-time data visualizations to help evaluate and respond to incidents.

By harnessing MCIM’s Enterprise Asset Management and Incident Reporting capabilities, the client was finally able to diagnose the clusters of high UPS infant mortality, shedding light on the underlying causes of the failures. Through this in-depth analysis, the client discovered two significant issues:

  1. Suppliers Selling Older Batteries: It was evident that some suppliers had been selling older batteries that had been sitting in storage for an extended period. These batteries were more prone to failures due to their age and decreased performance.
  2. Installation Errors Due to Cabinet Design: Another critical finding was that there were installation errors caused by terminal under-torqueing. The cabinet design was contributing to these errors, further exacerbating the UPS battery failure rate.

By leveraging MCIM’s comprehensive data management tools, the client gained the necessary information to address these systemic issues promptly. With this newfound knowledge, they were able to take proactive measures to replace older batteries and rectify the installation errors, preventing future UPS battery failures and ensuring the smooth operation of their data center backup systems.

Truly Data-Driven Decisions

Utilizing MCIM’s powerful features, data center operators, executives, and analysts can effectively identify and preempt systemic issues that impact the performance and reliability of their UPS systems. This empowers truly data-driven decisions, mitigates risks, and assists in the uninterrupted functioning of their data centers.

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