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MCIM Joins Forces with iMasons (Infrastructure Masons) as a Regional Partner to Forge a Better-Connected World

May 7, 2024
MCIM iMasons partnership

MCIM by Fulcrum Collaborations and Infrastructure Masons Forge Partnership to Drive Innovation and Sustainability in Digital Infrastructure

Richmond, VA – May 6, 2024MCIM by Fulcrum Collaborations, a leading technology platform specializing in mission-critical facility management software, is thrilled to announce it is a Regional Partner of the Infrastructure Masons (iMasons). iMasons is a non-profit professional society that aims to advance the digital infrastructure industry. This partnership marks a significant collaboration between two organizations dedicated to fostering a more connected, sustainable, and innovative digital world.

This partnership between MCIM and iMasons unites two visionary organizations committed to crafting a sustainable digital future. As a Regional Partner, MCIM joins the influential ranks of the iMasons Advisory Councils, engaging with global and regional leaders to deliberate on and devise solutions for the industry’s foremost challenges, including responsible energy consumption, data center efficiency, and open standards for carbon accounting.

Jeff Omelchuck, Executive Director of iMasons, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are excited to welcome MCIM as a Partner. Their expertise in mission-critical facility management and commitment to innovation and setting standards for data curation aligns perfectly with our goals. This partnership not only strengthens our network but also amplifies our collective efforts to build a more connected world.”

“Joining forces with iMasons represents a pivotal moment for MCIM. It underlines our dedication to enhancing digital infrastructure management and highlighting our commitment to sustainability and innovation,” said Michael Dongieux, Founder and Chief Architect of MCIM. “We look forward to contributing to iMasons’ initiatives and working together to address the complex challenges facing our industry.”

The collaboration between MCIM and iMasons is poised to create myriad opportunities for both parties. By pooling their resources, knowledge, and expertise, MCIM and iMasons aim to confront the challenges of creating a better-connected world head-on. This alliance promises to enhance the capabilities and extend the reach of both organizations, while driving meaningful change across the digital infrastructure landscape.

About MCIM

MCIM provides software that enables owners and operators of mission-critical facilities to curate data, analyze information, and act upon insights related to the operation, management, and performance of infrastructure assets. Since its inception in 2013, MCIM has become a trusted partner to some of the largest, most risk-averse global data center facilities, management firms, research institutions, telecommunications, and financial services companies. To learn more, please visit

About Infrastructure Masons (iMasons)

Infrastructure Masons (iMasons) is a global, nonprofit, professional association of individuals connected and empowered to build a greater digital future for all. Since its launch in 2016, the organization has brought together 6,000 individuals across 130 countries, a community representing USD 150+ billion in infrastructure projects. iMasons provides an agnostic platform for members to connect, grow, and give back across four strategic pillars: Education, Inclusion, Innovation, and Sustainability. To learn more, visit or LinkedIn.

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