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The Analytics Behind Hidden Cost Savings

June 13, 2022

Sure, companies fall in love with MCIM’s ability to provide real-time data and granular analytics for an entire portfolio — but the immediate cost savings really get some attention!

So often, companies fear transitions because of headaches and delays caused by security regulations, implementation concerns, and general displeasure with the process due to past experiences with other service providers.

That leaves us with a differentiating factor that allows MCIM to stand above most other enterprise asset management systems – we can show the tangible benefit to their costs!

Live Screenshot from Maintenance Compliance Report
Live Screenshot from Maintenance Compliance Report

A common train of thought is – “well, we have not had an outage in 20 years,” or, “the amount of data we have does not justify your analysis.” These are appropriate concerns and two questions we’ve carefully considered.

MCIM’s purpose-built design for managing data allows us to nudge users with ease of entry towards clean input data, so even with specific detail, we can crowdsource common failures across sites – producing unrivaled analytics. MCIM empowers you to track granular analytics – from units of measure as large as the building itself down to the worn-out coupling that failed within its designed lifespan.

Although you may not have had an outage or IT downtime impact in 20 years – are you over-performing preventative maintenance? Can you dynamically track which model of CRAC units has failed every five years when they’re supposed to last seven? Is there a specific manufacturer of cooling fans that continues to fall out of balance? Are you receiving UPS batteries from the manufacturer that are losing shelf-life while waiting to be purchased? How many paid man-hours can you save if you can track incidents down to the specific root cause of failure and implement and update standard practices with this information at your fingertips?

MCIM vs traditional EAM, CMMS, DCIM and ITSM

MCIM vs traditional EAM, CMMS, DCIM and ITSM

Avoiding downtime is huge – especially with the average data center outage cost of $740,000 as of 2016 (nearly $9,000 per minute!). But how often do you analyze savings for daily operational costs? What systems do you use to make these decisions?

hidden savings

Let MCIM provide the critical structure you need for:

  • Mobile rounds,
  • Asset life-cycle management
  • Benchmarked incident reporting
  • Fully digitized MOPs/SOPs/PM work
  • …and more.

As 451 Research said, “MCIM virtually eliminates human error.” See for yourself how MCIM can help bring out the best of your facilities and operators with a personal demo.

Originally published in part on June 19, 2018 — Banner image by Morgan Housel on Unsplash

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