MCIM Updates Q1 2023

April 11, 2023


  • Assessment Administrators can provide more direction on expectations for responding to Assessments with the new rich-text field, Assessment Instructions. This text may be added while creating or editing Global Template Assessments. (Fig. 1)
  • When the Primary and/or Delegate Assignee is updated on a Site Assessment Schedule, all open Child Assessments will inherit this assignment.
  • Condition Questions may now be associated with an Assessment Question, triggering follow-up questions based on the response to the initial question.

Change Requests

  • Organizations now have the option to hide Actions when accessing the Change Request list views from the Change Request sidebar summary component.
  • When a Step or Referenced Procedure is inserted into a Change Request during Digital Execution, the inserted content is updated in the read-only Procedure tab of the Change Request record. In addition, the Work Template will change to a red color and display a warning that the Work Template was modified from its original approved form. (Fig. 2)
  • Enter a fillable checkbox within the Implementation Script by inserting [ ], two brackets with a space or alphanumeric character(s) in between. During Change Request execution, Users will be able to select the checkbox with a single tap or click.
  • When building a Change Request’s Implementation Script, images may now be copied into the Bulk Add field from any source. (Fig. 3)
  • In the Change Request Implementation Script, Bulk Add now accepts tables inserted from Microsoft Word. (Fig. 4)
  • Modified UI to increase the ease of setting up Skippable Steps
  • Modified UI to ease the selection of multiple records when added a Global or Site-Specific Maintenance.
  • Organizations can now choose to hide or display the Quick Complete functionality that is available while executing a Change Request through a browser / on a desktop computer.
  • Organizations may now track additional completion information on the Global and Site-Specific checklists during Digital Execution, including Status, Credited User, Credited Contact, Durations, Actual Start, Actual End, and Note. (Fig. 5)
  • Users may now more easily abort a Change Request during Digital Execution. Selecting Abort Procedure will create a closeout mirroring the Quick Complete flow, allowing the user to fill out relevant information to proceed to completion screens. (Fig. 6)
  • During Change Request completion, the Actual Work Start and Actual Work End are now filled in automatically based on the date and time the Change Request was started and completed, with options to adjust the time frame if needed.


  • The UI of Assets Involved on the Incident record page has been updated for increased clarity.
  • Organizations may now choose to deliver email notifications only when an incident involving an Asset occurs at a Site.

Fig. 1 – Assessment Instructions may be added while creating or editing Global Template Assessments
Fig. 2 – Work Template changes to a red color with a warning that the template was modified.
Fig. 3 – Images may now be copied to the Bulk Add field from any source.
Fig. 4 – Tables can now be inserted into Bulk Add from Microsoft Word.
Fig. 5 – Track additional completion information on Global and Site-Specific Checklists.
Fig. 6 – Users can fill out relevant information after opting to Abort Procedure.

Maintenance Compliance Report

  • When a Preventive Maintenance Work Order is Canceled, the Maintenance will be labeled Preview WO in the Maintenance Compliance Report and will update to No Work Tentative status to show the Asset requires a new Maintenance to be scheduled when the batch job runs the next day.

Positions & Responders

  • Created a new UI for the administration of Positions & Responders at a Site. 
  • A new bulk-assignment experience is now available for Positions & Responders. Users can access the Bulk Assign Positions experience through the Admin Links. There, Users can add, remove, or update Contact information at multiple sites quickly and easily.


  • Universal Monitors are now available to allow organizations to set monitors that should be shared across ALL Asset Classifications. (Fig. 7)
  • Any Bad Values/acceptable ranges configured for Global Monitors will be automatically configured when the Global Monitors are assigned to individual Assets.
  • When an Asset is moved to a decommissioned Status (e.g. Out-of-Service, Abandoned in Place), an overnight batch job will remove the decommissioned Asset and its Monitors from Rounds Templates.

Spare Parts

  • While viewing a Spare Part record in the Spare Parts Inventory, a direct link to the Spare Part record is now available at the top of the modal. (Fig. 8)
  • The Parts component on a Work Order record now displays a direct link to the Part record page, to ensure Users can verify the correct item has been selected.
Fig. 7 – Universal Monitors are now available to be shared across ALL asset classifications.
Fig. 8 – A direct link to the Spare Part record is now available at the top of the part in Inventory.

Work Orders

  • On the Work Order Scheduler page, the name of the Manage Asset Group Assignments button has been updated, and a button for accessing the User Group management experience is now available.
  • A 100-character limit is now in place for fillable fields within the Work Order Maintenance Checklist.
  • Organizations may now add or change fields displayed within the Asset Group modal.
  • The Maintenance Checklist on a Work Order now permits Users to add data to checkboxes and fillable fields in the same manner as the digital execution flow on Change Requests. (Fig. 9)
Fig. 9 – Add data to checkboxes and fillable fields on a Work Order Maintenance Checklist.
  • Once a new Asset is added to an existing Asset Group, a Schedule Suggestions modal will aid the User in deciding which of the pre-configured Work Schedules the new or existing assets should receive to match the dates and frequency of the schedules attached to other assets in the group.
  • For organizations that only utilize User Groups or Direct Assignment for Work Order responsibility, a Custom Setting now permits an organization to hide the Asset Group Assigned field on the Work Order List View.

Work Templates

  • When a User accesses the Print Preview of the Work Template, if a Work Template is in an Draft status, a warning will be displayed on the Work Template to share that the document is Unapproved.


  • Minor edits and bug fixes resolved.
  • Minor UI adjustments and edits resolved.

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